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Academic Counseling

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For children struggling in school and needing Academic Counseling, our tutors work on the following skills:


  • The Daily Planner
  • Organizing the homework folder
  • Daily parent/teacher communication
  • The Trick Bag

Homework Completion:

  • Independent after-school scheduling
  • The Homework Completion Chart

Individual Test-Taking Skills:

  • Graphic organizers for textbook reading
  • Simplifying math data for the individual child
  • Test-taking skills – Classroom tests
  • Test-taking skills - Achievement tests

Goal Setting:

  • Working with the individual student to identify academic needs then translate them into individual goals
  • Determining incentives for the child that the classroom teacher and parent can monitor

Home Issues:

  • Learning how to function productively at home


  • Responsible referrals for family assistance
  • Responsible referrals for psychological and academic testing


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