Superior Chicago Tutoring provides ACT test prep during the school day for 230 juniors at Evanston Township High School and after school classes for students at Brookside and Washington High Schools in Waukegan. Our specially designed curriculum and the training we provide teachers help these students make remarkable gains, over 23% from pre to post test score at Evanston! We are happy to show composite statistics for these programs.


Hard Work Pays Off Big Time for ETHS Students
By Joel Altschul

230 Evanston Juniors had an opportunity to show what they could do with a little help and some hard work.  It paid off handsomely—more than a 20% increase in academic performance.  Want to hear more?

Imagine gathering 230 of the lowest performing students in the junior class last year.  Under guidance from specially trained teachers and the staff at Superior Chicago Tutoring, they were given a chance to show what they could do with a concentrated effort.  And respond they did.  Overall, these students improved 23.1% from the fall to the spring ACT test!  No magic.  No tricks.

Students met daily for 11 weeks and worked under the guidance of teachers trained by SCT specialists who designed a test prep curriculum.

When ETHS offered this in-school ACT Math and Reading Preparation Class from Jan- April, 2008, little did anyone expect the results these students achieved.  What happened in Evanston is remarkable.

According to then Assistant Superintendant Marilyn Madden, “(The professionals at SCT) helped us identify exactly what these students and their teachers needed.  Specifically, the curriculum called for everything from modeling good reading strategies, to reviewing and practicing math concepts, to defusing test anxiety, to simply encouraging students each day to do their best”.  Additionally the specialists at Superior Chicago Tutoring met with the teachers regularly, observed sessions periodically, and coached everyone with a professional level of support.  “It took a team effort,” says Dr. Phyllis Myers, President of Superior Chicago Tutoring, “but the payoff was substantial.  This investment in time was real, but the hard dollars were less than $300 per student.  We consider that a real value for Evanston –its students, their parents, the teachers and the whole school community.  We were thrilled to be a part of the endeavor.”

Student evaluations were equally enthusiastic, saying, “I learned some things I wasn’t taught in class . . .They showed me new strategies for reading . . All students should take this class.”

Too often we hear about the challenges that our young people face, the struggles of making through high school, and the pressure to perform on tests mandated by an educational system that seems to have the capacity to treat them like numbers instead of people.  These students are seniors now.  They are applying to colleges with more confidence and a better record than they would have brought otherwise.  Now that’s a good education.